Screens and filters systematic occurrence datasets

Biodatascreen is a workflow aiming at screening and filtering systematic occurrences data. Biodatascreen is especially useful for dealing with datasets including a very large number of occurrences, like those provided by international and national infrastructures aggregating datasets from several databases, for which editing by hand is necessarily long, tedious and risky. Smaller datasets, nevertheless, can be used with the same efficiency.

This workflow is an automated data screening tool acting by excluding incomplete or wrong records detected through a series of successive filters. The final result is a single output table (consolidating multiple uploaded files if desired) containing the filtered records. The excluded data are recorded in files after each step and separately available for download. This process ensures that no data is lost and leave the possibility to manually edit the invalid entries.

In addition to saving time, using this automatic screening tool allows reducing errors introduced through manual manipulation of the records and avoiding unexpected software crashes in subsequent analyses.

Biodatascreen's tools

Mapping to DarwinCore

Conversion of your table to a table in DwC format is easy through our user-friendly interface. Users will be able to select a column of their data set and choose the corresponding column in DarwinCore.


Filtering geographic errors

The pipeline separates occurrences with correct information from those lacking coordinates, or outside the country, or the region.

Filtering of mask dependent errors